A1 Bulgaria (Mtel, Mobiltel) Prepaid Plan, Internet Package, Roaming 2023

Telecom Austria is the owner of A1 Bulgaria, which was rebranded from Mtel (Мтел) in 2018, and formerly known as Mobitel (Мобилтел).
Previously referred to as “Prima” (Прима), their prepaid service is now known as A1 Prepaid. Mtel provided the most comprehensive 3G network coverage in the country in 2015, reaching 99.7% of the population. The company introduced commercial 4G/LTE services on the 1800 MHz (B3) band in 2016, and by 2020, it was reported that 99% of the population was covered. Today in this article, I will list A1 Bulgaria Prepaid Plans and Internet Packages 2023 for Local users.

A1 Bulgaria (Mtel, Mobiltel) Prepaid Plan Internet Package


The regular voice and data A1 prepaid card can be bought for 6 лв in A1 stores (locator in Bulgarian) and partner shops in different varieties:

  • А1 Комфорт Макс (A1 Comfort Max): 8 лв loaded with 200 domestic mins and 4 GB data for 14 days
  • А1 Комфорт Giga (A1 Comfort Giga): 10 лв with 300 domesitc mins and 6 GB data for 14 days
  • А1 Ultra Giga: 12 лв with 600 domesitc mins and 12 GB data for 30 days

The SIM card expires 396 days after the last top-up with credit expiring after 90 days. Top-up vouchers are available from 6 to 60 лв in many stores. They often run different recharge promotions. More information about top-ups is available here.

Prepaid Add-ons

If you require additional minutes, SMS, or MB, you have the option to activate Prepaid Add-ons that suit your needs. These add-ons are accessible to customers subscribed to the prepaid Universal tariff plan or the prepaid Universal Plus tariff plan.

A1 Prepaid users (excluding those with mobile internet cards) can switch to the Universal Plus tariff plan by sending a free SMS containing the word “Plus” to 789 or by dialing *88 (0.18 BGN per call). Upon successful activation of the Universal Plus tariff plan, customers will receive a confirmation SMS.

Prepaid Add-ons The Add-ons are available for all a1 Prepaid customers on Universal tariff plan and Universal Plus Tariff plan
Add-on contentValidityAdd-on priceAdd-on activation code to be send to number 789
Combo Add-ons
50 national minutes150 А1 mobile minutes30 days5,49 BGN.С5
100 national minutes100 А1 mobile minutes1000 МВ15 days5,99 BGNС3
200 А1 mobile minutes200 А1 SMS200 МВ30 days5,99 BGNC1
5000 Friends and Family minutes200 А1 SMS200 МВ30 days5,99 BGNF1
150 national minutes300 А1 mobile minutes3000 MBВ30 days14,99 BGNC4
МВ Mobile Internet
300 МВ30 days2,99 BGND2
1500 МВ30 days9,99BGND3
Minutes to А1 mobile numbers
30 minutes15 days0,99 BGNМ5
60 minutes7 days1,99 BGNМ17
200 minutes30 days3,99 BGNМ3
500 minutes30 days6,99 BGNМ4
Minutes to all national networks
20 minutes30 days2,99 BGNN2
50 minutes30 days5,99 BGNN1
Minutes to 1 VIP A1 mobile number
5000 minutes to 1 VIP A1 mobile number30 days1,99 BGNV1
  • You can activate the chosen prepaid Add-on by sending a free SMS to 789 with text – the activation code of the Add-on or via A1 menu *123#. To access the A1 menu dial *123# from your telephone’s keyboard and press the green button or the dial button. The *123# menu is free of charge.
  • The price of your chosen add-on is deducted from your current A1 prepaid card balance.
  • After successfully activating the chosen Prepaid Add-on you will receive SMS confirmation.
  • The minutes for outgoing calls and short text messages (SMS) in the prepaid Add-ons do not include outgoing calls to shortcodes, numbers for added value services and/or other specialized services (including to numbers 131, *88 and other “star” type numbers, Musicall, etc.), to numbers from the 0700 range, to data and fax numbers, outgoing WAP calls.
  • After using up the respective units, included in the Add-on, the prices for the Universal or Universal Plus tariff apply.
  • Every Prepaid Add-on represents a certain volume for use of electronic communications services (i.e. minutes, SMS, MMS, MB for mobile internet), which is activated by the customer in addition to Universal tariff plan or Universal Plus tariff plan and is used in a certain validity period for a certain price.
  • In case the A1 Prepaid card already has available units identical to the units included in the chosen Add-on, the units available in the prepaid card are used first, and then the units included in the Prepaid Add-on are activated subsequently.
  • All prices are VAT incl.
  • When changing from a Universal tariff plan/Universal Plus tariff plan to another A1 Prepaid tariff plan the available units of an activated Prepaid Add-on will be lost.

Additional packages for A1 Prepaid Mobile Internet Cards

Add-onsPrepaid mobile internet
 1000 MB
Prepaid mobile internet
2500 MB
Prepaid mobile internet
9000 MB
Add-on price5.99 BGN9.99 BGN29.99 BGN
Included traffic1000 MB2500 MB9000 MB
Traffic validity10 days20 days30 days
  • The add-ons can be activated by entering our free-of-charge A1 menu by dialing *123#, via My A1 App or by registering at www.A1.bg. The price of the add-on is deducted from the current balance of the A1 Prepaid card.

International calls

ZonesPrice VAT excl.Price VAT incl.Countries included in Zone
Zone EU/ЕЕА – mobile and fixed networks in European countries in EU/EEA0,3716 BGN0,445 BGNAustria, the Azores, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Canary Islands, Finland, France, French Overseas (Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Martinique, Reunion) Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the K Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saint Barthelme, Saint Martin, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK
Zone I Neighbouring countries2,40 BGN2,88 BGNMacedonia, Serbia, Turkey
Zone II Europe3 BGN3,60 BGNAll countries outside of Zone I and II
Zone IV10 BGN12 BGNAircraft and marine satellite networks
  • Prices also apply for international video calls.
  • Charging method – according to the tariff plan.

EU roaming

Data is given out in EU/EEA roaming at the domestic price. In packages, up to 228 MB per every лв is given out at the “Roam like at home” rate. Beyond this FUP a price of 0.0105 лв per MB applies. When roaming you will receive an SMS with your exact data allowances. Unlike other A1 Networks, the UK seems still to be included in the EU roaming zone with A1 Bulgaria. Before using it in the UK, you better double-check.

After purchasing Prepaid Plan, if you still face problems with your internet then check your A1 Bulgaria APN Settings.

I hope you find the desired prepaid plan for your A1 Bulgaria sim. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

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