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DIGI mobil Spain Prepaid Plan, Internet Package, Offer and More - 3G 4G 5G LTE Internet Settings

DIGI mobil Spain Prepaid Plan, Internet Package, Offer and More

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DIGI mobil Spain Prepaid Plan, Internet Package

DIGI mobil provides a SIM card that comes with both Romanian and Spanish numbers. As an MVNO, it operates on the Movistar network in Spain, offering 2G and 3G services. Since 2017, all customers have been upgraded to 4G/LTE services, making it the most cost-effective option on the Movistar network.


The SIM card costs €10 with the same credit. It’s available online and offline only in a few shops: DIGI mobil shop locator

Top-ups can be made there and in many kiosks where they support smaller MVNOs. Credit can be checked by *134# and data credit by *130# free of charge.

Data feature packs

All their packages are valid for 30 days. As first Spanish preovider they offer unlimited data. Other packages come with data-only or data and voice.

DataEU capVoicePrice
DIGI Combo with data and domestic + internatl. voice:
6 GB4 GB100 mins€5
20 GB7 GB400 mins€10
50 GB10 GB800 mins€15
100 GB15 GB2000 mins€20
DIGI Ilimitado with data and domestic voice:
3 GB2 GB100 mins€3
10 GB5 GBunlimited€7
20 GB7 GBunlimited€10
50 GB10 GBunlimited€15
100 GB15 GBunlimited€20
unlimited20 GBunlimited€25

All bundles auto-renew, if not deactivated before. Since 2018 all unused data roll over to the next month if you renew any plan. To subscribe enter *100# and choose option 2 “internet móvil” and 1 “Alta DIGI naveg@”. You can unsubscribe on the same menu with “Baja DIGI naveg@”. Voice allowances in combo packs are domestic and to about 50 countries. Unused data rolls over, if the plan is renewed,

EU roaming

In accordance with the economic viability of DigiMobil, the Spanish regulator CNMC allowed them to opt out of the EU roam-like-at-home requirement. However, in 2018, Digi restored the requirement with the implementation of a Fair Use Policy (FUP) rule. This allows the use of packages up to the specified volume without additional fees. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that 4G/LTE services are still unavailable when roaming in 2022, and 3G is the highest available network speed. However, this practice may soon change since it is prohibited under the new roaming regulation.

If you face internet connectivity issues after purchasing the Digi Mobil Data Pack, it is recommended to verify the Digi Mobil Spain APN Settings on your device.

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