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Currently, in Cambodia, Metfone holds the leading market position with approximately 50% of all customers following its acquisition of Beeline in 2015. The company is supported by the Vietnamese Viettel group and reputed to have comprehensive coverage outside of major towns in the provinces.

Metfone launched its 4G/LTE service on 1800 MHz (band 3) during the summer of 2016, and the company claims to provide LTE coverage in 90% of Cambodia’s urban areas. However, it should be noted that OpenSignal’s 2018 tests revealed slower speeds and less coverage compared to Smart or Cellcard.

Here is the list of Metfone Internet Offer list. Before buying any package from the list below, make sure that you have Metfone APN Settings Profile on your device.

Metfone Prepaid Plan Internet Package Offer


Their prepaid SIM cards are available for $1-2 in their shops which are called “showrooms” (store locator). Starter kits are called 4ever, Kado80, or Yak Tariff. All need the same data packages, and all have the same top-up bonuses. 4ever extends validity by 60 days every time a chargeable activity is conducted, Kado80 offers bonus minutes with top-ups over $1, and Yak is the “standard” tariff with no special selling points. For 4G/LTE you need a new 4G-enabled SIM card. Old 3G SIM cards can be changed for free in their stores.

eSIM is also available with Metfone if your device supports it. A new eSIM activation provides you with $0.50 standard credit, unlimited YouTube for 7 days, unlimited Facebook/Line for 30 days, and $300 of in-network talk/SMS/data credit valid for 7 days and offers bonus minutes for top-ups like the Kado80 tariff.

Top-up vouchers are available in $0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 giving 3-2000 days of validity. To top-up dial *197*<14-digit scratch card code>#. Often high top-up bonuses are given out, as well as “exchange” promotions which allow you to shorten the validity of your top-up in exchange for more credit. To check balance, dial *097#.

For starting up, insert SIM in your phone and call to 1770 to activate. If your phone requires a PIN code, enter 0000.

Data feature packages

There is no data without package or bonus/exchange credit. When exchange or bonus credit is available, internet is charged at 2.5 cents per MB. On each tariff, a new account offers 300% data credit for the first two top-ups and 400% for the third, and the “exchange” promotion gives you more value for your top-up in exchange for shorter validity time in the following manner:

Cash valueBalance valueValidity (4ever)Validity (other)Activation
$0.10$1not available1 day*167*10#
$0.20$31 day2 days*167*20#
$0.50$92 days6 days*167*50#
$1$307 days12 days*167*100#
$2$6014 days24 days*167*200#

In some cases you can actually get better value from this promotion than purchasing a package. For example, if you only need 24 days of validity then converting $2 to $60 of on-net credit will give you 2.4 GB data instead of the 1.5 GB from the equivalent 30-day data package. Otherwise, the value in this option is mainly in the ability to flexibly use the credit for voice or SMS as well as data.

You can also choose between hard-capped limited data plans and soft-capped “unlimited” data plans all on 3G and 4G for the same rates:

Limited data plans (hard-capped):

39.96 GB^1 night$ 0.10*133*110#
100 MB1 day$ 0.10*133*1*1#
700 MB30 days$ 1*133*1#
1.5 GB30 days$ 2*133*2#
4 GB30 days$ 3*133*1*3#
7 GB30 days$ 5*133*5#
15 GB30 days$ 10*133*10#
30 GB30 days$ 20*133**20#

Unlimited data plans (soft-capped):

VolumeTime Price Activation
200 MB1 day$ 0.20*133*25#
1.5 GB1 week$ 1.50*133*150#
3 GB30 days$ 3*133*4#
5 GB30 days$ 5*133*50#
12 GB30 days$ 10*133*100#

night pack actually specifies $999 data credit, which at standard rate is 39960 MB.

When reached data quota at limited packs, you can buy a new one or pay $ 0.025 per MB. When reached quota in ‘unlimited’ packs, speed will be throttled to 384 kbps. Check data balance by *133*097#

There are also three auto-renewing data packages:

  • 5 GB plus unlimited WeChat for 7 days: $3, activation: *688*300#
  • 10 GB plus unlimited WeChat for 30 days: $7, activation: *688*700#
  • 150 GB plus unlimited WeChat for 30 days: $20, activation: *688*2000#

Auto-renewal can be canceled by dialing *688*0#.

To reset data speed, two add-ons for more high-speed data are offered for the “unlimited packs”:

  • 750 MB: $0.50, activation: *133*3#
  • 1.5 GB: $1, activation: *133*9#

For unlimited Facebook and Line messenger they offer two packages:

  • for 1 day: $0.05, activation: *133*6#
  • for 1 month: $1, activation: *133*8#

For unlimited YouTube video streaming they offer these packages:

  • for 1 week: $1, activation: *133*62#
  • for 1 month: $3, activation: *133*82#

They also offer SabayLeng packages, which offer unlimited use of Facebook, WeChat, Line, TikTok, and YouTube with a set amount of bonus credit that can be used for on-net voice/SMS/data at standard rates for the length of the package:

  • for 10 days: $2, with $150 bonus credit, activation: *999*200#
  • For 30 days: $5, with $500 bonus credit, activation: *999*500#

SE Asia roaming

Metfone has consolidated its various roaming packages into a single ASEAN Roaming plan with a daily rate. This offer covers multiple countries including Myanmar (Mytel), Thailand (AIS), Philippines (Globe), Malaysia (Maxis), Singapore (Singtel), Indonesia (Telkomsel), Vietnam (Viettel), and Laos (Unitel):

  • 1 GB high-speed, unlimited at 64 kbps after $1.25/day, activation: *131*125#
  • Additional 2 GB high-speed data per day: $1.25/day, activation: *131*2#

The base roaming package auto-renews. To cancel type *131*00#, to check balance *131*097#

Make sure to select the correct network; usage on a network not specified here will result in being charged a higher usage-based rate.

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