Mobily Prepaid & Postpaid Internet Package, Plan, Offer 2023

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Mobily Prepaid Internet Package, Plan.

Mobily, one of the leading telecom providers in Saudi Arabia, offers a range of prepaid internet packages designed to suit various needs and budgets. The packages come with different data limits and validity periods, ranging from as little as 150MB for 2 weeks to as much as 10GB for 1 month. Moreover, Mobily provides Hajj and Umrah packages for customers visiting Saudi Arabia for those purposes, which are valid for 1 month and offer economical rates compared to other providers. Customers can also enjoy the flexibility of prepaid packages, which allow them to control their usage and avoid any unexpected charges. Mobily’s prepaid internet packages can be activated easily through various channels such as USSD, SMS, and Mobily App, making it convenient for customers to manage their subscriptions.

Mobily Prepaid Internet Offers

These are all the Mobily Prepaid internet packages, with the cheapest being the Mobily Data 150MB package, costing only SAR 5 and valid for 2 weeks. Additionally, Mobily offers several Hajj and Umrah packages that are more affordable than those of other providers, and they are valid for 1 month. The price varies based on the data limit, and the ideal package for complete Hajj and Umrah usage is the Mobily Hajj and Umrah 1 GB Monthly package, providing 1 GB of data for just SAR 25. To activate this package, send 1125 to 1100. Mobily also offers packages that are valid for up to 6 months, granting customers the freedom to enjoy the best internet for an extended period of time without worrying about recharging or activation.

Mobily Hajj and Umrah is a specialized package offered by Mobily. The package comes with various data limits and validity periods, allowing customers to choose the best option that suits their needs and budget. The Hajj and Umrah package offers economical rates compared to other providers, making it an attractive choice for those on a budget. Additionally, the package can be activated easily through various channels such as USSD, SMS, and Mobily App, providing customers with convenient access to the internet during their stay in Saudi Arabia. With Mobily Hajj and Umrah, customers can stay connected with their loved ones and enjoy a seamless digital experience while performing their religious duties.

Package NamePriceValidity
Mobily Data 150MBSAR. 52 Week
Mobily Hajj and Umrah 150 MB MonthlySAR. 51 Month
Mobily Hajj and Umrah 500 MB MonthlySAR. 151 Month
Mobily Hajj and Umrah 500 MB MonthlySAR. 151 Month
Mobily Data 500MBSAR. 201 Month
Mobily Hajj and Umrah 1 GB MonthlySAR. 251 Month
Mobily Data 1 GBSAR. 301 Month
Mobily prepaid 30SAR. 304 Week
Mobily Hajj and Umrah 2 GB MonthlySAR. 451 Month
Mobily Data 2 GBSAR. 501 Month
Mobily Data Recharge Voucher 2GBSAR. 501 Month
Mobily Hajj and Umra 50SAR. 5045 Day
Mobily Data 5 GBSAR. 751 Month
Mobily Prepaid 75SAR. 754 Week
Mobily Recharge Voucher 5 GBSAR. 801 Month
Mobily Data 10 GBSAR. 951 Month
Mobily Hajj and Umra 99SAR. 9945 Day
Mobily Recharge Voucher 10GBSAR. 1001 Month
Mobily Prepaid 150SAR. 1504 Week
Mobily 100GB Special PromotionSAR. 1601 Month
Mobily Data 20GBSAR. 1651 Month
Mobily Recharge Voucher 10 GB 3 MonthsSAR. 1753 Month
Mobily Data 50GBSAR. 2102 Month
Mobily 20 GB 3 MonthSAR. 2203 Month
Mobily Recharge Voucher 50GB for 2 monthsSAR. 2202 Month
Mobily Prepaid 220SAR. 2204 Week
Mobily Recharge Voucher 20GB 3 MonthsSAR. 2303 Month
Mobily Data 50GB 3 MonthSAR. 2603 Month
Mobily Recharge Voucher 50GB 3 MonthsSAR. 2753 Month
Mobily Data 100GBSAR. 3203 Month
Mobily Recharge Voucher 100GBSAR. 3353 Month
Mobily Prepaid 360SAR. 3604 Week
Mobily Data 300GBSAR. 4503 Month
Mobily Recharge Voucher 300GBSAR. 4503 Month
Mobily Data 600GBSAR. 9006 Month

Mobily Postpaid Internet Offers

We have compiled a list of all the Postpaid internet packages, among which the most affordable option is the Mobily Postpaid 50 package. This package is valid for one month and can be activated for only SAR 50.

Package NamePriceValidity
Mobily Postpaid 50SAR. 501 Month
Mobily Postpaid 100SAR. 1001 Month
Mobily Postpaid 200SAR. 2001 Month
Mobily Postpaid 300SAR. 3001 Month
Mobily Postpaid 600SAR. 6001 Month

In case you face any issues with your internet connection despite having purchased a Mobily Internet Package, it is advisable to verify your Mobily APN settings.

We trust that you have discovered a suitable prepaid plan for your Mobily mobile network. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or feedback in the comments section provided below.

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