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Movistar Spain Prepaid Plan, Internet Package, Offer and More - 3G 4G 5G LTE Internet Settings

Movistar Spain Prepaid Plan, Internet Package, Offer and More

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Movistar Spain Prepaid Plan & Internet Package

Movistar, which belongs to the former state-owned telecommunications company Telefónica in Spain, offers services ranging from 2G up to EDGE, 3G up to HSPA+, and 4G/LTE. Although 5G NR has begun in numerous areas, it is not yet accessible for prepaid customers. You may check the Movistar coverage map for more information.

Telefónica remains the leading landline provider in Spain, having maintained its status as the incumbent. However, in terms of prepaid services, it was not highly competitive until 2019, when Movistar launched cost-effective prepaid options through promotions.
I’m going to enumerate the Movistar Spain prepaid plans and internet packages for 2023 in this article today.


You can purchase their SIM card for €10, which is obtainable in all three sizes, at any Movistar store or outlet, with the same credit included. However, you may not locate it at El Corte Inglés, as they solely cater to contract customers. Larger Movistar-branded outlets, on the other hand, offer the SIM card.

Top-up options are available in numerous locations such as supermarkets, kiosks, and service stations. To check your balance, simply dial *123#.

If you haven’t recharged your SIM for six months, your balance will be forfeited, and the SIM will only be able to receive incoming calls. If you do not recharge it for an additional 54 days, the entire number will be terminated.

Data feature packs

Movistar offers three different types of prepaid plans, all for 4 weeks:

  1. Prepaid plus: 40GB for EUR 10
  2. Prepaid Premium: 80GB for EUR 15 
  3. Total Prepaid: 140GB for EUR 20

As a visitor, the best option is probably the first plan, depending on the length of your trip.

You can buy the first SIM card online for EUR 10 for 4 weeks, and you’ll get the following:

  • 40 GB
  • Unlimited minutes for Spain
  • 200 international minutes

If you are having internet troubles after the purchase of the Prepaid Plan, take a look at your Movistar Spain APN Settings.
I hope you find the desired prepaid plan for your Movistar sim. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

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