Now Mobile Data Plans 2023: PAYG, Monthly, International Data Pack

Now Mobile Data Plans : PAYG, Monthly, International Data Pack

In today’s hyperconnected world, having a reliable and affordable mobile data plan is crucial. Now Mobile brings forth an innovative solution with its Data Plan, offering users the ultimate freedom to stay connected on their terms. With flexible data packages and convenient top-up options, Now Mobile ensures seamless connectivity without the constraints of long-term contracts or excessive costs.

The Now Mobile Data Plan empowers users to choose from a range of data packages that align with their specific needs. Whether you’re a casual user who requires data for occasional browsing or a heavy data consumer relying on constant streaming and downloads, Now Mobile has a suitable plan to cater to your requirements. Best of all, users have the flexibility to switch between plans or customize their data allocation as needed.

Now Mobile Pay As You Go

The Now Mobile Pay As You Go service ensures transparency and eliminates surprises. You only pay for what you use, without any hidden charges or commitments. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for those who have unpredictable usage patterns or prefer to have full control over their spending.

1GB100 UK Mins100 UK SMS£2.50
3GB1000 UK Mins1000 UK SMS£5.00
5GB2000 UK Mins2000 UK SMS£7.50
15GBUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£10.00
30GB  5GB per month on auto renewalUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£15.00
80GB 5GB per month on auto renewalUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£20.00
100GB 5GB per month on auto renewalUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£25.00
200GBUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£35.00

Now Mobile Monthly Plan

Now Mobile’s monthly plan, offering a budget-friendly solution with generous data allowances. Enjoy the convenience of a fixed monthly payment and the freedom to choose the plan that suits your usage requirements.

4GB1000 UK Mins1000 UK SMS£5
10GBUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£7.50
20GBUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£10
50GBUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£15
100GBUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£20
150GBUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£25
200GBUnltd UK MinsUnltd UK SMS£35

Now Mobile International Plan

Now Mobile takes connectivity to a global level with its International Plan. Seamlessly stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues across borders without worrying about expensive roaming charges. Experience affordable international calls, text messages, and data, keeping you connected no matter where you go.

GLOBAL LITE200 minutes & SMS to 40+ countries£10
GLOBAL PRO1000 minutes & SMS to 40+ countries£20
GLOBAL FREEDOM500 minutes & SMS to 40+ countries£15
ANGOLA LITE70 minutes & SMS to Angola£10
ANGOLA PRO150 minutes & SMS to Angola£20
BANGLADESH LITE500 minutes & SMS to Bangladesh£10
BANGLADESH PRO1000 minutes & SMS to Bangladesh£20
BULGARIA LITE400 minutes & SMS to Bulgaria£10
BULGARIA PRO1000 minutes & SMS to Bulgaria£20
GHANA LITE45 minutes & SMS to Ghana£10
GHANA PRO100 minutes & SMS to Ghana£20
INDIA LITE400 minutes & SMS to India£10
INDIA PRO1000 minutes & SMS to India£20
JAMAICA PRO100 minutes & SMS to Jamaica£20
NIGERIA LITE70 minutes & SMS to Nigeria£10
NIGERIA PRO150 minutes & SMS to Nigeria£20
PAKISTAN LITE200 minutes & SMS to Pakistan£10
PAKISTAN FREEDOM330 minutes & SMS to Pakistan£15
PAKISTAN PRO500 minutes & SMS to Pakistan£20
POLAND LITE400 minutes & SMS to Poland£10
POLAND PRO1000 minutes & SMS to Poland£20
ROMANIA LITE400 minutes & SMS to Romania£10
ROMANIA PRO1000 minutes & SMS to Romania£20

Now Mobile Data Plan

Now Mobile Data Plan offers you a comprehensive solution to stay connected anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a digital nomad, our data plan is tailored to cater to your unique communication needs.
Here is the list of Now Mobile Data Plan :


Special UK Calling Rates

We believe in total transparency. The table below gives a breakdown of Now Mobile charges for different types of services & local phone numbers UK-wide.

Type of NumberOur Rates
Now Mobile calls between the same networkFREE
Now Mobile texts on the same networkFREE
Now Mobile customer services – 669FREE
Freephone service – 0800FREE
Emergency services – 111, 101, 105, 112FREE
National Landline10p/min
Other mobile networks15p/min
Text messages5p/message
Multimedia Messages25p/message
UK telephone number for a US-owned directory enquiries provider£2.50/min

To ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity after purchasing a Data Plan from Now Mobile, it’s recommended to verify your Now Mobile Apn Setting if you experience any internet-related issues.

We value your opinion and encourage you to share your feedback in the comment section below about the Data plan you have chosen for your Now Mobile.

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