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In 2015, Progresif underwent a relaunch, which included a new logo. Prior to this, the company was known as Progresif Cellular and was acquired in 2014 after B-mobile faced financial difficulties.

Progresif aims to improve upon the services provided by B-mobile, which was the second largest telecommunications company in Brunei. B-mobile had a limited 3G network operating on the 2100 MHz frequency with no fallback to 2G. Hence, it may not be the ideal choice for travelers in Brunei. However, if you have coverage in your area, Progresif offers very competitive data rates. Today in this article, I will list Progresif Cellular Prepaid Plans and Internet Packages 2023 both for Local users and Tourist.


Their starter packs are available at their outlets: stores list. They offer different prepaid plans:

  • Progresif Prepaid with a set default rate
  • Progresif Unlimited with build your own plan and set packages
  • Tourist SIM with 2 plans

SIM cards are provided for free, but an initial top-up is mandatory.

Top-up vouchers are available in denominations of B$5, B$10, B$15, and B$30. Additionally, e-TopUp is available for amounts ranging from B$1 to B$100 and can be purchased at all Progresif Stores. To top up your balance, dial 178<12-digit-PIN>#, and for first-time users, insert the SIM card into your phone and activate it by dialing 179. Your line will remain active for 365 days.

Progresif Prepaid Plan

This is their standard plan for voice and data. Your line will be active for 365 days. You need to buy a B$10 Top-Up card to register for the Progresif Prepaid. All top-ups will have a 10% bonus included.

Data is by default at B$ 0.05 per MB. They offer only two combo packages:

  • B$ 10: 1 GB Mobile Data – Activation: Text ‘AddOnePlan1’
  • B$ 20: 5 GB Mobile Data – Activation: Text ‘AddOnePlan5’
  • B$ 30: 10 GB Mobile Data – Activation: Text ‘AddOnePlan10’
  • B$ 60: 25 GB Mobile Data – Activation: Text ‘AddOnePlan25’
  • B$ 25: 1 GB, 250 dom. SMS, 50 doms. mins – activation: ‘addplan25’
  • B$ 50: 2 GB, 500 dom. SMS, 100 doms. mins – activation: ‘addplan50’

For activation text code 39123.

Simply add more data by sending a text:


You can purchase more one-time data by simply texting 39123


Tourist plan

$154 GB Local Data 30 Local Mins7 Days

After purchasing Prepaid Plan, if you still face problems with your internet then check your Progresif Cellular APN Settings.

I hope you find the desired prepaid plan for your Progresif Cellular sim. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

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