SCOM Data Packages, Internet Package, Call & SMS Packages 2023

Scom Data Packages, Internet Package, Call & SMS Packages

SCOM offers a range of communication packages to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Their data packages provide varying amounts of data for internet usage, while their internet package offers unlimited internet usage. The call & SMS packages cater to those who need to stay connected via voice and text. With affordable pricing and reliable services, SCOM’s packages are a great option for anyone looking for quality communication services.
I’m going to enumerate the Scom Data Packages, Internet Package, Call & SMS Packages in this article today.

SCOM Data Packages

3G, 4G Data Packages

Daily Data Packages

Data Packages (AJ&K/GB)Rates
Weekly Dhamaka Offer3 GBRs. 150 / Day

Weekly Data Packages

Data Packages (AJ&K/GB)Rates
Super week Offer (1 GB + 1 GB at Night)Rs. 129 / Week- 1AM to 7AM
Weekly Basic 800 MBRs. 85 / Week
Weekly Social Pack 7 GB
(WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & SCO Smart TV App)
Rs. 120 / Week
Daily PLUS 500 MBRs. 35 / Week

Monthly Data Packages

Data Packages(AJ&K/GB)Rates
Unlimited SMS & WhatsApp Package 20,000 SMS, 300 MB WhatsAppRs. 50 / Month
Monthly Pack5000 MBRs. 325/ Month
Monthly Social Pack 7GB
(WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & SCO  Smart TV App)
Rs. 300/ Month
Monthly Premium 10 GBRs. 599 / Month
Monthly Gold 6 GBRs. 449 / Month

Note: *GST (17%) is applied on all tariffs as per policy in AJ&K

SCO is going to implement Fair Usage Policy on All Data Packages. Fair Usage Policy given below :

Package NameValidityCharges(Rs)CurrentFair Usage Policy
Daily 200 MB120200200
 Daily Plus 500MB135500500
Social Media /WhatsApp Monthly 4096-MB30304096150
Weekly 800-MB785800120
Super Weekly  1000-MB71351000150
Night Monthly 4500-MB302504500150
Monthly 3500-MB303353500120
Monthly Gold 6144-MB304496144210
Monthly Premium 10240-MB3059910240350

SCOM Call & SMS Packages

You need to make local or international calls, send messages to your loved ones, or stay connected with your business contacts, SCOM has a package for you. With their affordable rates, flexible options, and reliable network coverage, SCOM’s call and SMS packages are the perfect solution for anyone looking to stay connected without breaking the bank.

Kashmir Package

Kashmir Package(AJ&K*Only)
SCO Wide ( SCO family)Rs. 0.99 + Tax / Min
PTCL & Other Mob OpsRs. 1.49 + Tax / Min
SMS TariffRs. 0.30 + Tax / SMS
Free Minutes (Free Minutes on SCOM TO SCOM Only)
CardFree Minutes

SCOM Basic Tariff

SCOM Basic Tariff(AJ&K*/GB)
SCOM to SCOMRs. 1.15/ Min
SCOM to Other Mobile Operators + PTCLRs. 1.60/ Min
F & F activation fees For 5 Numbers(Only SCOM Numbers)Rs.30.00
New Add F & F Activation feeRs  15.00/  Number
Charging on Family Package (24 Hours)Rs. 0.73/ Min
SMS On Net/Off NetRs. 0.45/ SMS
International SMSRs. 4.99/ SMS

Azadi Package

Azadi Package (AJ&K*/GB)
SCO Wide (SCO/Family) 07:00 AM to 10:00 AMRs. 0.99/ Min
SCOM to SCOM /SCO PSTN/CDMA 10:00 PM to 07:00 AMRs. 1.49/ Min
PTCL OMO 24 HrsRs. 1.49/ Min
SMS 24 HoursRs. 0.20/ SMS

Poora Din Baat

Poora Din Baat (AJ&K*/GB)
SCO Wide (SCO Family) 06:00 AM to 06:00 PMFree
SCO Wide (SCO Family) 06:00 PM to 06:00 AMRs. 1.10
PTCL & Other Mob OpsRs. 1.60
Daily RentRs. 08 / Day
SMS (On Net/Off Net) 06:00 AM to 06:00 PMFree
SMS (On Net/Off Net) 06:00 PM to 06:00 AMRs. 0.30 Per SMS

24 Ghantay Offer

24 Ghantay Offer (AJ&K*/GB)
Daily LRRs.15.00 / Day
SCOM TO OMOs (24 Hrs)Rs.1.60
SMS (All Net works )(24 Hrs)Rs.0.30

Student Package

Student Package(AJ&K*/GB)
Svcs In Rs.300 Per Month
SMS (all networks)5,000
DATA1,000 MB
Validity1 Month

Monthly SMS Package

Monthly SMS Package(AJ&K*/GB)
SMS (All Networks)Free (3000)
Activation ChargesRs. 100
Validity30 Days

*GST (17%) is applied on all tariffs as per policy in AJ&K. **Rs 0.45 Per Minute Roaming Charges on all roaming subscriber in AJ&K and GB.

If you are having internet troubles after the purchase of the Plan, take a look at your Scom APN Settings.
I hope you find the desired prepaid plan for your Scom sim. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.


In conclusion, data packages are an essential component of modern technology and communication services. For organizations using SCOM, data packages provide a powerful tool for monitoring and managing their IT infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime. Similarly, internet, call, and SMS packages are widely used by consumers to stay connected and access digital services. By selecting the right package and provider, consumers can enjoy high-speed internet, reliable call and messaging services, and affordable rates. Whether you’re a business or an individual, it’s important to carefully consider your data and communication needs and select the package that best meets those requirements. With the right package, you can stay connected, productive, and efficient, whether you’re managing a complex IT system or simply staying in touch with friends and family.

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