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Cosmote in Greece sold Globul to Norwegian company Telenor in 2013. In 2014, the company underwent a name and logo change, from Globul to Telenor. However, in 2018, Telenor sold its Hungarian, Bulgarian, and Serbian networks to PPF Group, a Czech-based company. As of March 2022, the Telenor brand will be phased out and replaced with Yettel. According to PPF, the change in name will not result in a change in strategy.

Telenor/Yettel launched 4G/LTE services on the 1800 MHz (B3) band in 2015, covering 75% of the population in 2016. The company has begun offering prepaid 5G services in most cities, tourist attractions, and roads.

Telenor Bulgaria Prepaid Plan Internet Package and Roaming


Their new prepaid starter pack is sold in their newly branded Yettel stores. Mini-SIM, micro, and nano-SIM are available. It comes in three different varieties. The first two here include data valid in EU roaming:

  • for 8 лв: including 6 GB data (EU roaming: 2.8 GB), 300 domestic mins, and 3 лв balance
  • for 10 лв: including 8 GB data (EU roaming: 3.4 GB), 400 domestic mins, and 3 лв balance

The initial validity of the SIM card is for 365 days, data and voice allowances are valid for 30 days, and credit is for 60 days. To top-up you can go online with a debit or credit card or buy vouchers in shops at 8, 10, 20, and 40 лв, The 8 лв voucher is valid for 60 days, and vouchers of 10 лв or more for 90 days. To top-up by vouchers enter *125*<voucher PIN>#.

Check your balance by texting ‘GC’ to 125 free of charge.

Data feature packs

Out-of-bundle use or overuse is billed with 0.50 лв per MB limited to 3G networks and capped at 15 лв.

These data packs in 2G, 3G, and 4G are available for all prepaid plans through the app or by *123#:

BG DataEU CapTimePriceActivation
300 MB1 day2.99 лв*123*3*1#
1.5 GB7 days4.99 лв*123*3*8#
3.5 GB30 days9.99 лв*123*3*3#
7 GB5.2 GB30 days14.99 лв*123*3*4#
20 GB6.9 GB30 days19.99 лв*123*3*7#

To check the remaining data, type *123#. Their smartphone app “My Yettel” can be used to check balance and for adding additional credits.

They also released these combo packs:

  • 500 MB, 250 on-net mins, 25 all-net mins for 7 days: 5.99 лв, activation: *123*2*2
  • 1 GB, 500 on-net mins, 50 all-net mins for 30 days: 9.99 лв, activation: *123*2*4
  • 2 GB, 1000 on-net mins, 100 all-net mins for 30 days: 14.99 лв, activation: *123*2*5

Data-only SIM

Their new data-only SIM card comes in three starter packs and data for 30 days valid only in Bulgaria:

  • Mobile Internet 15: 15 лв with 15 GB
  • Mobile Internet 30: 25 лв with 30 GB
  • Mobile Internet 50: 40 лв with 50 GB

Older packs of varying sizes may exist, but they primarily target tablets and modems, while also including voice and text capabilities. Mobile data services are limited to 4G technology within Bulgaria and are not usable when roaming outside of the country. Upon the first recharge of the starter pack, customers will receive a free bonus of 3 GB.

To add 1 GB of data, valid for 14 days, customers can text LS1 to 123 at a cost of 5 лв. Alternatively, customers may opt to add any of the packages above to increase their data allowance. To check their account balance, customers can send GC to 125.

Tourist SIM

For visitors, Telenor sold their Prepaid Starter Pack Telenor Tourist for 6 лв. It’s still not clear if this plan turns up for the summer season again under the new label.

It contained 30 mins to all EU destinations, Belarus, Bosnia, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine, and 1.5 GB of data valid only in Bulgaria, for 7 days. Out-of-bundle use is 0.19 лв per MB.

These packages can be added for more data or any of those mentioned above:

  • 2 GB for 7 days: 9.90 лв – activation: text ‘VG7’ to 125
  • 3 GB for 30 days: 19.90 лв – activation: text ‘VG30’ to 125
  • 10 GB for 30 days: 49.99 лв – activation: text ‘DT10’ to 125

EU roaming (except data-only SIM)

Data roaming according to Roam like home in the EU applies to all data add-ons on call and data SIM cards, while on the data-only SIM international roaming is blocked.

After purchasing Tentor Data Pack, if you are facing trouble with the internet, check Telenor Bulgaria APN Settings on your device.

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