Teletalk Internet Package and MB Offer 2023

Teletalk MB Offer and Internet Package

Teletalk, the largest telecommunications company in Bangladesh, is highly regarded by younger generations for its numerous special internet offers. Compared to other mobile operators in the country, Teletalk offers very affordable internet packages. Notably, they provide free SIM cards to all students and offer guidance on internet usage, setting them apart from other operators. Students are delighted to have access to more affordable internet thanks to Teletalk, whose internet packages for 2023 are all student-friendly and tailored to their needs. In addition, Teletalk serves every customer and is committed to providing offers that are accessible to all.

Teletalk is the fourth SIM operator in Bangladesh and operates as an official government initiative. They have introduced various internet packages to provide affordable internet access to its users. If you have a Teletalk SIM, you can enjoy low-cost internet usage. Let’s take a closer look at Teletalk’s internet offers and packages.

Regular Data Packs

Exclusive data pack

DataPriceUSSD CodeValidity
1 GB21 Taka*111*534#3 Days
1 GB27 Taka*111*27#7 Days
1 GB49 Taka*111*49#30 Days
2 GB93 Taka*111*93#30 Days
3 GB44 Taka*111*44#5 Days
3 GB66 Taka*111*66#10 Days
10 GB97 Taka*111*97#10 Days
25 GB198 Taka*111*198#10 Days
30 GB344 Taka*111*344#30 Days
 100 MB9 Taka*111*501#5 Days
 500 MB 26 Taka*111*503#30 Days
 3.5 GB 78 Taka*111*511#10 Days
 3 GB 139 Taka*111*531#30 Days
 5 GB 201 Taka*111*532#30 Days
 10 GB 239 Taka*111*550#30 Days
 15 GB 129 Taka*111*551#7 Days
 20 GB301 Taka*111*552#30 Days
 45 GB445 Taka*111*445#30 Days

Shotoborsho New Sim Purchase and Package

To get the SIM free the customer has to recharge 100 taka. This 100 taka recharge’s (one time recharge) has:

100 taka original balance,

33.33 minutes

33 SMS

5.94 GB data

Validity 30 days

In 2nd month:

33.33 minutes

33 SMS

5.94 GB data

Validity 30 days

In 3rd month:

33.33 minutes

33 SMS

5.94 GB data

Validity 30 days

Special internet offer:

2 GB Internet only Tk 17 (all charges included); Validity 15 days,

Recharge 17 taka to avail the offer.

The special internet offer can be availed once every 15 days, maximum twice in a month

Other information:

1) The free offer is available only once after SIM activation, which is valid for 30 days from the day of recharge.

2) Free minutes and SMS can be used on any local operator.

3) Recharged Tk 100 will be added to customer’s original balance.

4) Pay-per-use maximum 5 taka per day.

5) All existing customers of Teletalk (except Tk 100 recharge offer) can enjoy all other offers of Shotoborsho Package.

6) Special internet offer are applicable for all prepaid packages of  Teletalk and Shotoborsho .

Special Note:

1) Special  internet offers will continue until further notice.

2) All tariffs are excluding SD, VAT and surcharges.

3) Free talktime and SMS can be used on any operator, except for short codes like: 121, 16216 etc.

Shadheen New Sim Purchase and Package

Great offer on new connections
– Free data up to 71 GB *.
– 20 FNF.
– 1 second pulse.

Startup Offer:
– SIM Price: 150 Tk (all charges included).
– Free Data: 1 GB (validity: 7 days).
– Pre-loaded balance: 5 Tk (validity: 30 days).

– Voice tariff 90 paisa

-SMS tariff 25 Paisa (Bangla), 50 Paisa (English) 

Special data offer:
17 Tk is on recharge-
2 GB internet, validity: 15 days
(Offer can be taken once every 15 days and maximum twice a month)

First Recharge Offer:
After activating the SIM biometrically, first recharge of 48 Tk, the customer will get:
– 40 Tk main balance.
– Free 10 GB data (validity: 7 days).
– 12 minutes talk time (on any local operator / duration: 7 days).
The customer will receive the offer only once in a lifetime.

Free offer on recharge:
Once every 30 days (maximum 12 times) recharge of 100 Tk the customer will get:
– 100 Tk main balance.
– Free 5 GB data (valid for 7 days).
– The offer is only available on recharge.
– Offer period is from activation month to 12 months.

FnF and FnF Tariff: 
– FNF number: 20
– FNF Tariff: 45 paisa / min (on any local operator)

Other information:
– All tariffs include supplementary duty, VAT and surcharge.
– To migrate to Shadheen Package write sha SMS to 555 (Charge Free)

Bornomala New Sim Purchase and Package
Affordable special package for college and university students


  • 45 Paisa/Min (24 Hours)
  • Pulse: 1 Seconds
  • SMS : 25 Paisa (Bangla), 50 Paisa (English) (any operator)

Package details

  • SIM Price 100 Tk
  • Start-up Bonus: Get 50 voice minutes & 50 SMS (any local number) & 5GB data with 30 days validity after first 50Tk recharge after activation of Bornomala SIM . Recharge amount will be added to main balance.
  • Pay per use rate 1Paisa/15KB

Registering for Bornomala SIM:

Registering for Bornomala SIM:

To Register for Bornomala visit: SMS registration::

  • Register for Bornomala SIM from any Teletalk number as per the following SMS Format:- Please type: BORSSC_Board(First 03 letters)SSC_RollSSC_YearSSC_Registration_NoContact_No and send to 16222.
  • Example: BOR MYM 123456 2020 1234567 0155XXXXXXX
  • N.B: After successful registration, You will get an ID and OTP. You can buy Bornomala SIM from any Teletalk Customer Care showing this ID, OTP and NID no.

Oporajita Data Package

  • 1 GB at tk. 8 for 7 days. USSD code *111*8# ( Only for first 3 months after activation).
  • 1 GB at tk. 19 for 3 days. USSD code *111*19#.
  • 2 GB at tk. 38 for 7 days. USSD code *111*38#.
  • 10 GB at tk. 156 for 15 days. USSD code *111*156#
  • Combo offer 2 GB + 250 minutes + 100 SMS any operator at tk. 199 for 30 days. USSD code *111*199#.

After purchasing Teletalk Prepaid Plan, if you face problems with your internet then check your Teletalk APN Settings.

I hope you find the desired prepaid plan for your Teletalk Sim. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

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