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Vivacom, also known as Vivatel or BTC/BTK, is the third largest provider in Bulgaria. However, the company boasts excellent 3G coverage throughout the country. In 2020, United Group acquired Vivacom.

The company launched its 4G/LTE service in 2016, operating on the 1800 MHz (B3) frequency in Sofia, Pernik, and Vratsa. Shortly after, the network expanded to include Varna, Burgas, Ruse, and Plovdiv. Vivacom’s LTE coverage extends to the largest towns in Bulgaria, and the operator added the 2100 MHz (B1) band to its network. As of 2022, Vivacom’s 4G/LTE network reaches 99% of the country’s population. While all allowances are valid for roaming, larger packages may be subject to a cap. Today in this article, I will list Vivacom Prepaid Plans and Internet Packages 2023 for Local users.

Vivacom (Vivatel) Prepaid Plan Internet Package Offer Roaming


In a store you can buy a starter pack in different plans, some of them are from the old series:

  • Opa: Plan with 5 лв airtime: 8 лв
  • Viva: Standard prepaid plan with 10 лв included: 12.99 лв.

Both have data at a high 1.80 лв and can’t be used in roaming. So better use their new series:

  • Free2Go: 10 лв with 3 лв balance, 800 domestic minutes, 12 GB data (EU roaming cap: 4.3 GB),

The SIM card expires 12 months after the last top-up of 4 лв or more (with incoming calls only during the 12th month). Top-ups of less than 4 лв do not extend the validity. More information about top-ups is available here (in Bulgarian).

Recharge vouchers are available for 10, 20, and 50 лв

Data feature packs

For the Free2Go SIM default data rate is 1.80 лв per MB outside of bundles and 0.30 лв / MB for overuse. The following combo packages are on offer to all plans above for 28 days:

PackageDataEU capdom. VoiceSMSPriceRenewalActivation
MixM600 MB600 MB300 mins256.99 лвnoX1
MixM+800 MB800 MB400 mins506.99 лвautoX2
MixL6 GB6 GB600 mins259.99 лвnoX3
MixL+12 GB4.3 GB800 mins509.99 лвautoX4

To activate send code to 1236 or type *123#.

Or you can add these data packages:

PackageDataEU capTimePriceRenewalActivation
XS1 GB1 GB1 day2.99 лвnoT1
S1 GB1 GB7 days4.99 лвnoT2
M1 GB1 GB28 days6.99 лвnoT3
M+1.2 GB1.2 GB28 days6.99 лвautoP1
L10 GB10 GB28 days9.99 лвnoT4
L+15 GB4.3 GB28 days9.99 лвautoP2

If a package expires, any unused services are forfeited. However, if multiple packages are activated either simultaneously or consecutively, the services remain valid until the expiration date of the package with the longest validity period. The services from different packages are also accumulated.

Renewable packages are automatically renewed every 28 days, provided there is a sufficient balance available and no cancellation has been made. To cancel the automatic renewal of a package, users can send an SMS to number 1236 with the text “STOP <package code>”. After cancellation, the package can still be used until its expiration date.

To the old Opa and Viva SIM cards, you can’t add the plans above, but the following plans without roaming abroad:

+Talk7 days200 MB900 mins20 mins3.99 лвM2
+Talk Super25 days1 GB1500 mins50 mins6.99 лвM3
+Net7 days400 MB450 mins10 mins3.99 лвD1
+Net Super25 days1.5 GB900 mins20 mins6.99 лвD2

To activate send code to 1236 or type *123#.

Data-only SIM

Their data-only SIM is from the new series and called “Data2Go”: It has no voice, only text, comes with 25 GB (EU cap: 6.9 GB) included, valid for 28 days at the price of 20 лв. The following top-up packages are offered:

PackageDataEU capTimePriceRenewalActivation
Data XS1 GB1 GB1 day2.99 лвnoT1
Data S1 GB1 GB7 days4.99 лвnoT2
Data M1 GB1 GB28 days6.99 лвnoT3
Data M+1.2 GB1.2 GB28 days6.99 лвautoP1
Data Special3 GB3 GB28 days9.99 лвnoS1

Validating the remaining MB can be initiated by sending USSD code *104#. After the expiration of the validity period of the package, the unused services are lost. When activating several packages at once or one after the other, the services are valid until the expiration date of the longest validity period, and the services are accumulated from the different packages. Renewable packages are automatically renewed every 28 days if there is no cancellation and there is a sufficient balance available. Cancellation of an additional renewal package is made via SMS to number 1236 with the text STOP <activation code>.

EU roaming (except Opa and Viva lines)

Roam like at home is applied to all voice and data SIM packs except for the old Opa and Viva lines in the EU, EEA, and UK.

After purchasing Prepaid Plan, if you still face problems with your internet then check your Vivacom Bulgaria APN Settings.

I hope you find the desired prepaid plan for your Vivacom Bulgaria sim. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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