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Vodafone Spain (Airtel) Prepaid Plan, Internet Package, Roaming - 3G 4G 5G LTE Internet Settings

Vodafone Spain (Airtel) Prepaid Plan, Internet Package, Roaming

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Vodafone Spain (Airtel) Prepaid Plan And Internet Package

Vodafone’s network technology includes 2G, which supports up to EDGE, 3G (which will be discontinued in 2022), 4G/LTE, and now 5G NR, which can provide speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s. All prepaid tariffs and plans can access the network. Additionally, Vodafone has expanded its 4G/LTE coverage to include most areas in the country, as indicated on the Vodafone 4G/5G coverage map.

In terms of both speed and coverage, Vodafone has been named the best 4G/LTE carrier in the country following the most recent network tests. The company launched 5G NR in 15 city centers on the 3500 MHz (n78) band in 2019, making it the first Spanish operator to offer 5G NR to all prepaid customers without any additional charges.

It should be noted that Vodafone will be shutting down its 3G network in 2023, which means that a 4G/LTE or 5G device will soon be required for data transmission.
In this article, I will be presenting the Vodafone Spain Prepaid, Postpaid Plans and Internet Packages for the year 2023.


In order to purchase a prepaid SIM card from Vodafone, you can visit their stores or outlets, which can be located using their store locator. The initial package price and a small activation fee may be required. Without a plan, a recharge of €10 is necessary. To register, you must present your passport or national ID card.

To top up your prepaid SIM card, electronic recharges are available for purchase in numerous locations throughout Spain, including supermarkets, kiosks, and service stations. Online recharges can be made on their website, with most international credit cards accepted. The minimum top-up amount is €5, and you can check your balance by dialing *134#.

If your prepaid SIM card has been inactive for 3-4 months, Vodafone will charge a monthly inactivity fee of €0.50. To avoid this, it is recommended to send an SMS from time to time. Additionally, to keep your SIM card active, it must be topped up every 7 months.

Vodafone has recently updated its prepaid offerings, adding its unlimited Passes as the first such option in the European market. Their Yu line is now only available for postpaid plans, so if you’re looking for a prepaid option, you should select Prepago.

Vodafone prepago

Vodafone’s prepago comes in five sizes valid for 28 days with data in up to 5G/NR. Due to competition, they had to cut rates drastically:

Plan NameDataInternational MinutePrice & ValidityRoaming
Prepago S50GB (25GB + 25GB)300 national and international min10€/28 díasRoaming included in UE, UK y EEUU
Prepago M100GB (50GB + 50GB)800 national and international min15€/28 díasRoaming included in UE, UK y EEUU
Prepago L140GB (100GB + 40GB)National unlimited minutes and to Romania.20€/28 díasRoaming included in UE, UK y EEUU
Prepago XL160GB (120GB + 40GB)National unlimited minutes and to Romania.30€/28 díasRoaming included in UE, UK y EEUU
Prepago XXL190GB (150GB + 40GB)National unlimited minutes and to Romania. 40€/28 díasRoaming included in UE, UK y EEUU

They sell this prepaid standard SIM card without a monthly fee in their stores for €5 with €5 credit. Unused data can be rolled over to the next month for up to three months if you renew your plan after each 28 days period.

As a different free base plan called Vodafone fácil has all domestic calls at 6 cents per minute plus 30 cents per call without any data included. There are no packages and all data is at the default rate of €3 for 200 MB capped at €15 for 1 GB per day. Some franchises don’t like selling these fácil SIM cards as they don’t get a commission for them, so you might get told they are not available. All prepaid tariffs used to be changed to fácil by typing *626#. It’s unclear if this is still possible. The fácil line is overpriced, but it was a good option to pause with having still credit on your account. Now you better run down your balance before stopping.

If you are facing internet-related issues even after buying a Prepaid Plan, you should verify your Vodafone Spain Apn Setting.

I trust that you have been able to find a suitable prepaid plan for your Vodafone Spain mobile network. Feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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