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Yoigo Prepaid Plan Internet Package

Their network offers 3G service up to HSPA+ and 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz (B3), and provides excellent coverage due to free roaming on the Orange network. They claim to have over 90% 4G/LTE coverage on their own network, which expands even further with the help of their roaming partner. While 5G NR has commenced, it is currently unavailable for prepaid customers.

In 2016, Telia sold the company to Másmóvil. Since 2018, Yoigo clients can roam for free on Orange’s 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks, in addition to utilizing Yoigo’s own antennas, resulting in comprehensive coverage across the country.


You can purchase a SIM card with a new number at Yoigo stores (store locator) for €10, which includes €1.50 credit. These SIM cards come in all three sizes. However, some stores may try to charge you extra for the SIM card, so make sure you ask for the official price. Alternatively, you can visit a different store, such as the Phone House, which also sells Yoigo products (stores).

Data feature packs

Finally, Yoigo has revamped prepaid offers and their new packages are include unlimited domestic voice for 30 days:

  • 100 MB: €9,90
  • 10 GB: €10
  • 20 GB: €15
  • 35 GB: €20
  • 150 GB: €35 (without voice)

After having used the included data, speed is reduced to 64 kbit/s and an add-on is offered: 300 MB extra for €3.63 at masmegas.yoigo.com. The package will renew automatically every 28-31 days, if there is credit. Data rates outside a package are at 3.63c per MB.

To check remaining balance and consumption you need to use their App “Mí Yoigo”.
If you face internet connectivity issues after purchasing the Yoigo Data Pack, it is recommended to verify the Yoigo APN Settings on your device.

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